3/01  Turbulant Day

9:04 p.m. It's been a turbulant day, what with Shohei Ohtani getting married being the talk of the town from morning. I had to get over with my daily tasks while the TV kept running the same interview over and over.

As I got home from a visit to the clinic to finally face calling Ocean Stakes in the evening, the server suddenly got laggy. It's been like this from a couple of days ago and since I've ben suspicious about it, I went on with myself to search and they tell me they're having server trouble which won't completely solved until Sunday. Oh, no.

Still, I've been good and worked hard to call Ocean Stakes the best I can, though it was awfully hard. In the end, I decided to put everything on Kimiwa Queen.

Not really sure how the track condition might turn out, but will go for a trio keying Kimiwa Queen on a wheel of Birth Cry, Matenro Orion, Jubilee Head, Balsam Note, and Cinnamon Stick. Perhaps I should put some insurance on Big Caesar and Toshin Macau if the track is good to firm?

The End


3/02  That's What You Get

7:28 p.m. It's been a terrible day. Have overslept to begin with, then everything had to be done in a mad rush and instead of including Toshin Macau and Big Caesar because of the good to firm trac condition, have only replaced Birth Cry with Big Caesar. What was I doing? Not that I'd won since I've keyed Kimiwa Queen.

It seems I have a bad habit of keying horses that (possibly) might make it to the second or third place rather than horses that have the chance to win especially, when my losses pile up. This is not good, not good indeed.

Come to think of it, it was all wrong forcing myself to buy races on a working day. That's what you get for doing something you're not used to doing.

The End


3/03  Phew!

8:07 p.m. I nearly bought betting tickets for Yayoi-sho convinced that Christophe's horse would win but then, barely decided otherwise as it was Yayoi-sho and I guessed the payout would be small even if I won. Phew, that was close! Nice decision me, I was about to lose even more money after I lost Ocean Stakes.

Finished reviewing Ocean Stakes already as well as Yayoi-sho, which I probably would have lost if I'd bought it, reminding myself that it was turf 2000m we're talking about here, not 1800m.

Kinko-sho, Chukyo turf 2000m is just going to be run this week in good time. Will have to keep reminding myself this week.

The End


3/04  Unavoidably

8:15 p.m. There are actually two grade races for older horses this weekend excluding the steeplechase, Nakayama Hinba Stakes and Kinko-sho.

Running through Nakayama Hinba just to see the names of horses entered. Fierce Pride probably is going to be the most favored but considering the rain (or even snow) on Friday, I have a feeling someone else might do better. Say, Hip Hop Soul, Ravel, or Fantasia (if she could make it to the race), whoever that can handle soft track.

Don't care much about it since it's run on Saturday anyway, and as you might already know, I've just leraned a good lesson not to work myself too hard.

So naturally, I'm going for the other race, Kinko-sho. Like Yayoi-sho, Kinko-sho is also known to be the race to have relatvely smaller payouts. Unavoidably, my interest is drawn to whether Durezza could win this race carrying 59kg.

The End


3/05  Finally Got Around

8:07 p.m. It's already past 8? Have given up going out today because of the rain and decided to get over with my pending tasks, which I've mostly finished but not all. Since I didn't go out, had to satisfy myself with indoor activity like planks and running on the spot, scaring the hell out of stupid Cow with my footsteps.

Finally got around to checking the past notes of Kinko-sho just a while ago, reminding myself that up-front position is crucial in this race as well as instantaneous speed. The required skills fit Deep Impact descendants which explains why they perform well on Chukyo 1800m to 2000m.

Regarding such thinigs, I left Arata, Air Sage, Shonan Bashitto, Season Rich, Nocking Point, Hayayakko, Prognosis, Yoho Lake, Wide Emperor on the keep list with Durezza.

The End


3/06  For A Wee Bit

7:52 p.m. I just saw the expected win odds for Kinko-sho and it said, Prognosis 12/5, Durezza 12/5, Yamanin Salvum 99/10. Oh man, I knew it but ... In fact, the odds could be polarized even more once the betting tickets are sold.

There are risks for both horses, though. It's the first time for Durezza to shorten the distance or carry 59kg while it would be the first race after a G1 overseas followed by a short break for Prognosis.

In my personal opinion however, Prognosis seems slightly more trustworthy to my eyes if it was a comparison between these two. I'm not saying that Durezza would sink. Who can complain if he earns an easy win? After all, he's the only G1 winner in this race with Christophe on his back.

But I'm hoping to find the third horse that could raise the payout if only for a wee bit.

The End


3/07  My Keep List

8:41 p.m. The entry has been closed and Kinko-sho will be run with 13 horses this year. Yeah well, the race has almost annually run in small fields lately and I'm not surprised.

Originally, it has been a step race for Takaraduka Kinen and was run in May if I remeber correctly. Those were the good old days when Silence Suzuka performed a runaway leaving all the others behind. But then, the date for Kinko-sho has been moved to March now and it's become a step race for Osaka-hai, which has been promoted from G2 to a G1.

However, the favored horses are not planning to enter Osaka-hai despite the priority entry right that would be given to the winner of Kinko-sho. Last year's marathon race Kikka-sho winner Durezza is probably aiming Tenno-sho (spring), while Prognosis is said to enter Queen Elizabeth II Cup in Hong Kong.

Meaning, that there may be a huge gap between these two horses and the rest of the entrees, just as the expected win odds show. My keep list has been scraped off a bit and now remaining are 7 horses, hoping it would be narrowed down to 4 after th barrier draw and the turf condition check.

The End


3/08  One More

8:19 p.m. Very sleepy but also cold at the same time, in spite of the heater working dutifully. Must pep up, though as the barrier draw results have been announced.

Whoa. Durezza and Prognosis both drew innwer posts side by side. It won't be surprising if the race ended in a match race between the two horses and my motivation has suddenly shrunk pretty quickly.

It's a small-field race, the pace is likely to lag, multiple factors suggesting it's going to be a dull race. All I can do now is just hope that the favored horses weren't actually ready yet.

If I'm forced to say, the riskier option would be Durezza as mentioned before. And my keep list has come down to 5 horses. Need to cross out one more.

The End


3/09  Be Realistic

8:46 p.m. Oh, no. I've been talking about the risk of Durezza all the week but after I've seen the workout video, I don't feel like he's going to sink so low.

Watching the performances of the current 4-year-olds since last year, I've been skeptical of this generation's strength like most of you. But then, Durezza should be on the top of the 4-year-old generation. I can't complain if he wins regardless of the weight or blank since Kikka-sho. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean the risks have vanished into thin air, they're still there.

Let me chill out. Be observative. What makes me want to stay away from Durezza? The odds, he's the most favored. Though the most favored horses have performed best in te past 10 years, in fact 9 out of 10 times! Come on, let's be realistic. I haven't won yet this year.

Conclusively, I decided that Durezza would either win or finish 2nd at worst. Haven't decided which to buy trio or trifecta, but my call is Durezza or Yoho Lake for 1st plae, Durezza, Prognosis, Yoho Lake for 2nd, Prognosis, Yoho Lake, or Nocking Point for 3rd place. I might put Air Sage on the 3rd, too.

The End


3/10  Three Months of Struggle

8:32 p.m. Finally, my first win for year 2024 after three months of struggle.

After all, it was right to be realistic and settle for trios rather than trifectas since I might have put Prognosis on the third row thinking that the pace would lag. As it turns out, Air Sage took over Season Rich by the third corner leaving no room for the pace to lag, and the race ended up in an average pace. This allowed Prognosis to sweep up from behind.

Alhough the gap between Prognosis and the runner-up Durezza seemed huge, I believe this result wouldn't automatically reflect onthe performances of their next races. Hearing what Yuga said about the horse's condition in the interview, I'm even worried that Prognosis could have reached its peak with Kinko-sho. Hope he's not ruined.

As for Durezza, I think this has been a good step for Tenno-sho (spring). Will have to check out this week's Hanshin Dai-shoten for horses to beat, though.

The End


3/11  Top 5 Favored

8:35 p.m. Of course, I'm choosing Hanshin Dai-shoten over Spring Stakes or Falcon Stakes although it's known to be another safe and sound race, because I might have a bigger chance to win this race compared to the other two.

As many of you already know, this race mostly finishes with three horses from the top five favored horses in win odds. Longshots appear only when the track softens since this long-distanced race is rarely run in tight pace.

In fact, the only time the pace got tight in the past 10 years was 2019 when Sciacchetra won. The runner-up was the 6th favored Kafuji Prince, and the the third place winner was the 10th favored Lord Vent d'Or (the horse ran away at the time if I remember right), and the track was good to firm.

Forecast says rain is not expected except for tomorrow, so it's likely to finish with horses from the top 5 favored this year.

The End


3/12  Wheel List

8:12 p.m. I've just checked out the expected win odds for Hanshin Dai-shoten and it was as follows as of this evening, Savona 18/5, Blow the Horn 39/10, T O Royal 31/5, Silver Sonic 37/5, Deep Bond 91/10. Note that these are just expected odds and they'relikely to change once betting tickets start to sell.

Among these currently the top five favored horses in expected win odds are Silver Sonic and Deep Bond. Deep Bond as we all know, is good at Hanshin turf 3000m and have won this race twice already. Though the horse has become 7 years old and his last two races both have been huge losses. I'm afraid the horse needs osme sort of stimulation such as soft track condition, in order to perform like he used to.

Silver Sonic is even older than Deep Bond because he's 8 years old. He too, could be very risky not just because of his age, but because it's been almost a year since his last run, 2023 Tenno-sho (spring).

Additionally, not one horse over the age of 7 have finished above third place in Hanshin Dai-shoten, at least for the past 10 years. Guess I'll put them in the wheel list.

The End


3/13  Just One Thing

9:07 p.m. Have been busy again. Stupid Cow kept bothering me while I tried to type in the necessary data.

Quite tired that I don't feel like writing much. Just one thing. Almost every year, Hanshin Dai-shoten becomes a match between the top three horses having good instantaneous speed. Well, you can't blame it since it's a long distance race and the pace tnds to lag.

If it's simply an instantaneous speed contest, horses drawing inner posts would have more advantage than those drawing the outside, because trailers on the outside would have to bear the loss of distance.

That said, if an inner post starter made the best out of its instantaneous force the horse is unlikely to finish in the top 3 in case its position was too behind. To put it more specifically, more behind than the 10th from the top when the field swings around the last corner.

Oh, it's this late now! I wanted to install Grammarly but I guess I'll have to wait for that until later.

The End


3/14  Something Concerning

8:40 p.m. Something concerning came up. The Weather forecast is showing a chance of rain around Hanshin Race Course on Sunday. Depending on when the rain starts falling and how much, the result of Hanshin Dai-shoten could change drastically.

If the track condition becomes soft, there may be a chance for long shots like Kafuji Prince or Lord Vent d'Or in 2019. I might have to rethink and prepare a plan B in that case.

Generally, horses taking their positions up front would have the advantage when the track condition gets soft. Unless the track condition worsens to muddy or yielding, that would be the theory.

To take up front positions in the race, it would be better to extend the distance from the previous race so that it would be easier for horses to gain speed at the start.

The End


3/15  Friday Almost Ending

8:28 p.m. Have just double-chcked the weather forecast. The umbrella mark wich was there on Sunday somehow has been replaced with a sunny mark. Are you sure? Do I still have to keep worrying about the weather and come back several more times to check? Or don't I?

The barriers have all been drawn by the time I sat down to have a break after cleaning this afternoon. Assuming from the way the horses are lined up, the pace is likely to drop. If Diastima could take the lead smoothly without other horses pressuring him, the race would probably be run in slow pace.

If it becomes a slow race, then the horses with instantaneous speed will have the advantage. If it turns out to be an instantaneous speed contest, the possibility of Diastima sinking on the last stretch is high.

Hey, how come there isn't any horse crossed off my list yet? Friday is almost ending, you know? What have I been doing?

The End


3/16  Harder

9:18 p.m. Calling Hanshin Dai-shoten turned out harder than I'd expected.

The older horses that have already shown a high aptitude for Hanshin turf 3000 meters were troubling in the sense that they have the potential to perform well but are not so trustworthy. I'm unsure if You Can Smile, Deep Bond or, Silver Sonic can go full throttle. Even if they could, who knows whether they could perform like they did in earlier years?

After pondering, I decided to leave them all on the wheel, at least for now. I will key Blow the Horn although I'm uncertain about this too. I wondered which it should be Savona or Blow the Horn and finally decided to put my hopes on Blow the Horn.

On the wheel would be You Can Smile, Warp Speed, Savona, Golden Snap, Deep Bond and Silver Sonic. Let me sleep on this and see if I can come up with the names to cross out in the morning.

The End


3/17  Guess Proved Wrong

9:22 p.m. I predicted Hanshin Dai-Shoten would finish with the top 5 favored horses last week. The second favored T O Royal hit the goal first, followed by the 6th favored Warp Speed by five lengths. Blow the Horn, eventually the most favored, was only a neck behind to finish in third place.

So, my guess proved wrong. But I also wrote that longshots only appear when the track softens, and this suited today's turf condition announced to be good to firm.

I crossed out Savona and Silver Sonic and added Plume d'Or instead, considering the slow pace and soft track; however, it was T O Royal that I really should have included. Well, I'm afraid he won't win Tenno-sho (spring). You wait and see.

Mr. N-jima seems to have won the trifecta and Nakayama race 10, Chiba Stakes. The old guy has been teasing me with consecutive messages while I'm already starting my preparation for the Takamatsunomiya Kinen held this weekend.

The End


3/18  Being Good Working Hard

9:15 p.m. I'm being good and working hard to prepare for the Takamatsunomiya Kinen. Here's what I found out today.

In the past ten years, all the horses that finished above third place were running in grade races previously. Whether it was a G1 or G3 does not matter.

And almost every year, at least one horse that finished first or second in their previous grade race makes the top three in the Takamatsunomiya Kinen. There was an exception to this, but the condition suits nine years out of ten. Wouldn't that be enough to consider as a trend?

The only year a previously winning horse or a runner-up didn't perform well in the Takamatsunomiya Kinen was 2019. Horses fulfilling the requirements this year were the most favored Danon Smash and the second favored Mozu Superflare, though they both sank in 4th place and 15th place, respectively.

At first, I thought the cause of the poor performance was the outer barriers they drew, and there might have been a hidden track bias. Later, I realized that the drawn barriers or track bias alone couldn't be the reason for their loss. So I'm currently suspecting piled-up damage behind these two factors.

The End


3/19  Prime Stage

7:07 p.m. Now I'm checking out the horses that have run grade races in their recent two before Takamatsunomiya Kinen.

Most horses performing well in Takamatsunomiya Kinen have lost below third or fourth place in their recent races. Only three horses in the past ten years finished first or second in their recent grade races and performed well in Takamatsunomiya Kinen. I dug deeper to find what they shared in common.

The 2017 Takamatsunomiya Kinen winner, Seiun Kosei and runner-up Let's Go Donki were both under five years of age and fresh to sprint-grade races. It was the first sprint G1 for Seiun Kosei: the third challenge for Let's Go Donki. Additionally, they were both in the prime of their career, a period in which high performances concentrated.

The remaining one is the 2021 winner, Danon Smash. Danon Smash wasn't fresh or new to sprint-grade races. However, this horse was also having a career-high.

All right, I got the facts. Now, how do I know if a horse is in its prime stage or not?

The End


3/20  Good Job, Me

8:36 p.m. How do I know when the horse has reached its prime?

My standard is when a horse finishes second or first in more than four races in a row. Generally, it is not easy to keep winning races, particularly when the class rises to grade races. It can only be possible when the horse is mature enough and has reached its prime.

There are several patterns in how horses grow. For example, some horses can be forward while others are not. Some horses need more experience to perform better, while other horses win from the start. I think Danon Smash might have been the former.

I tried crossing out some of the horses on the entry list based on what I've written up until now. Kurino Gaudi, Grande Mare, Champagne Color, T M Spada, Divina, Meikei Yell, Mozu MeiMei, Morino Dream are crossed out. I'll still keep Kimiwa Queen, Matenro Orion, and Lotus Land to be on the safe side.

Hey, good job, me!

The End


3/21  Considering This Information

8:58 p.m. It's Thursday, and the entry for Takamatsunomiya Kinen has been closed. 18 horses will be running this year, including Victor the Winner from Hong Kong.

Five horses seem to have scratched off so far. Among them were some of the horses I crossed out yesterday, such as Kurino Gaudi, Grande Mare, and Morino Dream. But Champagne Color, T M Spada, Divina, Meikei Yell, and Mozu MeiMei are running, and I'm glad my hard work didn't go to waste.

Today, I researched horses that lost below fifth place in their most recent two races. There were five such horses in the past ten years, and three were running in G1 in the former of the two races.

Additionally, these five horses consisted of the so-called repeaters that had already proven their high aptitude against Chukyo turf 1200 meters and newcomers fresh to sprint grade races.

Considering this information, should I put Champagne Color back on the list although I crossed him out yesterday? No, that would be increasing the number of candidates, not narrowing them down.

The End


3/22  Reconsider

8:53 p.m. So, the barriers have been drawn for Takamatasunomiya Kinen.

Post NumberHorse Name
1Big Caesar
2Mad Cool
3Namura Clair
4Mozu Mei Mei
5Toshin Macau
7T M Spada
8So Dazzling
9Champagne Color
10Victor the Winner
11Meikei Yell
12Lotus Land
13Win Carnelian
14Mama Cocha
16Win Marvel
17Matenro Orion
18Schwarz Kaiser

The favored horses seem to be spread evenly from inner posts to the outer posts. Additional news is that rain is expected for Saturday and Sunday around Chukyo. I've narrowed down my candidates to six already, but might have to reconsider them regarding the track condition.

The End


3/23  Just Hasn't Settled

9:56 p.m. Exhausted as I was, I think I've done the best I could do.

It's concerning whether it will rain tomorrow since the track condition would alter depending on when rain starts falling and how much. Today, the Chukyo Race Course turf was soft, according to the official announcement, but whether it stays the same is unclear.

The forecast says there's no chance of rain tomorrow, though no one knows if the turf will recover to firm. I find myself crossing my fingers so that it stays soft.

On the premise the turf doesn't dry off, I'm keying Namura Clair. I assume she is the devil of soft tracks. On the wheel are Big Caesar, Mad Cool, Lugal, Champagne Color, and Mama Cocha for now, but it just hasn't settled in my mind.

The End


3/24  Learn From Aerolithe

9:08 p.m. Oh, God. It turns out all the front-runners stayed behind. As a result, the pace dropped to an unbelievably slow lap. 34.9 seconds for the first three furlongs is not a sprint lap, with soft track conditions considered.

I feared something like this might happen after reading the comments by Mozu Mei Mei's crew that the horse and the rider would not take the lead as they had in earlier races. From this comment, I deduced this could give T M Spada a chance to take the lead without having Mozu Mei Mei at her tail. Because the track condition was soft, a runaway couldn't be left out, so I included T M Spada on my wheel.

The worst part came after that. Since I squeezed T M Spada in my wheel, another horse had to go. Being torn between Big Caesar and Mad Cool, I crossed out the wrong horse!

How regretful! Why didn't I give up Mama Cocha instead? She's the daughter of Kurofune! Didn't I learn from Aerolithe that Kurofune descendants don't perform well when starting from outer posts? How many times do I have to make the same mistakes? And you know what? I bought exactas, keying Namura Clair in second place with Victor the Winner in first place!

The End


3/25  Indeed

8:21 p.m. I've launched on my research for Osakahai held this weekend before even touching my review for Takamatsunomiya Kinen.

In my notes from last year, I mentioned the possibility of a link between Osakahai and Mainichi Okan. 10th favored Danon the Kid finished in third place last year, and I must have dug deep to find a reason. So, I checked out all thirty horses that finished above third place in the past ten years in Osakahai to see if these horses had performed well in Mainichi Okan.

It transpired that not all horses did. Some of them hadn't even run Mainichi Okan. But I found something, so I'll share it here.

16 horses out of 30 have performed well in either of the following races: Mainichi Okan, Kinkosho, Tokyo Sportshai, or Kyodo Tsushinhai. These horses had either finished above third place in Mainichi Okan, won first place, or were runner-up in Kinkosho, Tokyo Sportshai, or Kyodo Tsushinhai. Another two horses weren't in the formerly mentioned races but had won in an 1800 meter race on Tokyo turf, although they were lower stakes races. What was characteristic is that these races were all run in small fields at a slow pace. All in all, the potential to perform well in a small-field Tokyo turf 1800-meter race can be required to do well in Osakahai.

Indeed, 12 other horses didn't meet the requirements, though.

The End


3/26  Great Sunday Silence

8:44 p.m. I researched the pedigree background of the high performers in Osakahai today while my phone has been chirping from noon, thanks to the press conference of Shohei Otani. Mr. N-jima won't leave me alone.

The research revealed that the Royal Charger line, including the Sunday Silence line or the Roberto line, was dominant in the past 10 years.

Among 30 horses that made the top three in the past Osakahai, only 3 horses didn't have the Royal Charger line in either of their sire or broodmare. These three were Chrono Genesis, Arrivo, and Stars on Earth however, Arrivo and Stars on Earth were both offsprings of Duramente, which includes Sunday Silence in its broodmare sire line. In addition, Chrono Genesis also had Sunday Silence in her broodmare sire line, although it was three generations ago.

Well, come to think of it, Osakahai is a 2000-meter race which is the mainstream of Japanese turf races. As we all know, Sunday Silence and his descendants perform best on turf 2000 or 2400 meters, especially when the track is fast and the pace slow, taking advantage of their outstanding instantaneous force.

And again I realize how great Sunday Silence is.

The End


3/27  A Bit Discouraging

8:33 p.m. I'm proceeding with my research on high performers of Osakahai.

I've checked the step races of thirty horses that performed well in the past ten years, only to find they were all grade races ranging from G3 to G1. Additionally, all horses were experiencing grade races in their most recent two races.

Only four horses had lost both of their recent two races below fourth place, meaning I should keep the horses that finished above third place in either of their recent two races. The four horses that didn't meet the requirements were Jack d'Or, Potager, Mozu Bello, and Tokai Paradise, though unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out what links these four horses or what they share in common.

Catedral, Stunning Rose, Sol Oriens, Falcon Beak, Moryana will be crossed out if I trust this trend. I almost jumped with glee being able to bid farewell to Sol Oriens, who I assumed would still be favored, but in truth, he was the fourth favored in expected win odds announced today. Tsk, that is a bit discouraging, though it might change.

The End


3/28  Aged Horses

8:30 p.m. I've finished all housework for the day with the help of my excellent robot vacuum cleaner and am now back to picking up clues from past data.

Over the last ten years, horses aged eight years and above have consistently finished below fourth place in races. Even seven-year-olds have not performed well, except for Tokai Paradise, who finished in second place. Doesn't that ring a bell? Yes, I'm talking about the Tokai Paradise that didn't perform well in its recent two races. Well, perhaps it is worth noting that Osakahai was still a G2 race in those days.

Reflecting on the age factor, I can cross out Hayayakko from my list of candidates. Catedral is already gone from the list, so that's all for now.

Another clue I found today is that horses that won both of their recent two races perform well in Osakahai only when their closest races run at an average to slow pace. Plus, these races were all mixed races regardless of the grade. It makes good sense to me since I think winning tough races leaves much damage. Great. Now I can cross out Mikki Gorgeous, too.

Meanwhile, the entry for Osakahai has been closed. There will be 16 horses running this year.

The End


3/29  The Death Barrier

5:57 p.m. So the barriers have been drawn.

Post NumberHorse Name
1Mikki Gorgeous
2Rousham Park
5Stunning Rose
9Stella Veloce
10Sol Oriens
11Bellagio Opera
12Killer Ability
13Rouge Eveil

Aw, Rousham Park has drawn the death barrier. Horses starting from post numbers one and two haven't done well in the past ten years. The track was yielding when Mozu Bello finished second from post number one, while it wasn't a full-field race when Wagnerian barely made it to third place.

Since it's unlikely to meet either of these conditions this year, Rousham Park might have a tough race. On the other hand, I'm not worried about Mikki Gorgeous because I've already crossed her out.

The End


3/30  G3-Class Horses

8:51 p.m. I've given my best with these G3-class horses. It was hard to narrow down the candidates because there weren't any G1 champions, except for a couple of horses that have accidentally won a 3-year-old G1 or worse, the Hopeful Stakes for 2-year-olds.

I cannot rely on such glories from the past especially when the current 4-year-olds male horses haven't been performing well. On the other hand, the female horses could be better in that sense, since they've been racing against Liberty Island or Stars on Earth.

As usual, I've been torn between two horses Harper and Bellagio Opera, but decided to key Harper in hopes that Mirai Iwata would take a good position up front. On the wheel will be Tastiera, Stunning Rose, Geoglyph, Pradaria, and Bellagio Opera. I might include Rousham Park tomorrow, depending on the situation. Hmm, what to do with Stella Veloce, BTW?

The End


3/31  The Wrong One

8:24 p.m. I worked hard to narrow down the candidates to two only to choose the wrong one at the last moment. I even bought an exacta with Rousham Park, seeing that today's track condition required power. But the winner was Bellagio Opera, emerging from the field, while my Harper sank miserably low in 13th place. What a contrast they made!

Picking up the trend of American blood doing well in the past Osakahai, I chose horses having an American background in their broodmare side. In other words, my selection weighed speed rather than power.

However, yesterday's Hanshin race results suggested power-demanding, and the tendency didn't seem to change after the first two races on turf this morning. So I decided to add Rousham Park just in case because Harbinger's descendants were experts in track conditions demanding stamina.

The most terrible miss today was that I keyed Harper. That was everything, sigh. I'm afraid it will take some time for her to come back. Perhaps she won't come back, not in the middle range distance. She might have another chance if it's a mile race.

On the other hand, Bellagio Opera still has some chances to perform well in a G1 race.

The End