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1/01  Fresh Mind

5:30 p.m. Happy New Year, everyone! It's the start of a new year, let's start with a fresh mind.

I've watched a special program on Kitasan Black which I recorded last year, revisiting the races he'd run, realized again how great a horse he was while Duramente was even greater as he'd never been beaten by Kitasan. Wonder what would happen if these two had a race with Efforia and Contrail? Well, this is the fun part of horseracing.

Am going to watch Tsuri-baka Nisshi also redorded before I start working on my horse-race tasks. When would I watch it if not at New Year?

The End


1/02  Start Moving

6:29 p.m. Shall start moving for Kinpai. Have done a quick research on Nakayama today.

The most favored are doing unexpectedly well at the average of 70& finishing within 3rd place. Although we have the image of Kinpai going wild, the unfavored are not performing so well. As a matter of fact, there were only 3 horses finishing within 3rd place among the horses favored below 10th in the past 10 years, and they were all 3rd place winners.

As for the most favored, we shouldn't be tricked by the horses that have won a grade race in their previous race. When such horses have leftover damage, they tend to lose big. Should start from judging the level of this year's Nakayama Kinpai anyhow, since the chances for lower class horses depend on it.

The End


1/03  Unfortunately

6:12 p.m. Now let's move on to Kyoto Kinpai, though it will be held at Chukyo just as last year.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to refer to as there's merely one year's results and I can't read anything that could be called as trend from just one year. Last year the race finished in an averge pace, ending in a one-two-three of front runners. Judging from the results, it was a monotonous speed/power type race rather than an instantaneous speed contest.

What little notes I have says horses with high aptitude for Chukyo should be marked. That could be a start but basically, I shall stick to the usual process of avoiding the horses that have leftover damage.

The End


1/04  Here's My Call

9:32 p.m. I'm sorry it's become so late, I had a zoom meeting with a friend. So here's my call for Nakayama Kinpai.

I will key Win Exceed. If his rivals' level doesn't change much from last year, I think he could do as well as last year. On the wheel of Cosmo Calendula, Heat on Beat, Victipharus, and Shamrock Hill.

As for Kyoto Kinpai, I have no confidence but will key Bathrat Leon on a wheel of Diatonic, Shuri, Rooks Nest, and Stelvio. The favor in win odds are widely split among multiple horses and I just couldn't trust the rider of Rooks Nest. Happy Kinpai!

The End


1/05  A Terrible Start

6:45 p.m. A big loss as usual... I'd judged Nakayama's pace to be average but it turns out to be slow, very slow that it ended in an instantaneous speed contest. Still, I can't figure out why Scar Face was able to perform well from an outer post.

Kyoto wasn't much different. Zadar has beaten all the others, just when I'd erased him off my list. Kinpai is a difficult race to win as you all know, though I wish to win them one of these days.

It's been a terrible start as always and to wrap it up I've just been locked out on the balcony, in this cold while having a smoke. At a time like this when they're saying we're having some snowfall tomorrow...

The End


1/06  A Thourough Review

5:41 p.m. Have done a thorough review of both Kinpai. Very meaningful. Perhaps I can win next year.

It snowed today (still snowing at the moment) so had to stay indoors all day. Haven't had my daily walk but that's okay having finished my review. Reviewing is a necessary process for me before I take the next step.

Just hope that the snow would melt by Sunday when I'm going to visit a friend on my bike since I definitely don't want to slip on the ice. No, no.

The End


1/07  Try it Anyway

6:28 p.m. Because I always lose races at the beginning of each season, have decided to keep calling races every week just like the summer races. Not that it would make me win, though I might be able to keep my concentration.

This week I'll call Shinzan Kinen which seems to be difficult but I try it anyway. Chukyo mile is not my specialty as you can see from my Kyoto Kinpai loss however, I'll never get over it as long as I run away from it. Briefly scanning the entry form, it doesn't look like it's going to be a high level race and it doesn't look like the pace is going to be tight either. I've had some clues from Kyoto Kinpai so maybe that might help.

The End


1/08  Tried Calling

6:52 p.m. As I've said earlier, I tried calling Shinzan Kinen while the number of infections are growing in 10s. Though it must be a good sign that the omicron variant is getting milder than the former variants.

I've keyed La Seule, not because she's Kitasan's daughter or because Christophe called her "post-Gran Alegria" but because I think she could perform well. On the wheel would be Sollitario, Kawakita Reverie, Red Belle Ame, Justin Ver, and Shonan Amellia. I did my best to make use of what information I got at Kyoto Kinpai.

The End


1/09  What Happened?

6:28 p.m. Just got back from a visit to my friend's place and learned I've lost big! What happened to La Seule?

Judging from a glimpse of the result it seemed to have been an average pace. Then what? What stopped the horse from winning? I've even bought La Seule's win ticket. Must check the video and see what really happened. Depending on that I shall be very angry, humph.

The End


1/10  The Terrible Part

7:21 p.m. Having visited a friend I was fulfilled and happy although tired yesterday, but the terrible part came later. I lost Shinzan Kinen and our toilet got stuck after midnight... Without any tools to save me, I desperately Googled and learned that plastic bottles could be used by cutting off the bottom and covering the mouth part with your thumb.

After about an hour of struggle our toilet got back to safe ground, thank God. Not to mention I ran to the shop today to get myself a rubber cup.

Have reviewed the video of Shinzan Kinen to see that La Seule had goofed her start to lag behind. Later in the homestretch she was forced to change her course because of Selberg, though La Seule was already done by then. I suspect the condition of the horse was not good. Well, it was my fault not being able to see that.

The End


1/11  Piling Up

7:37 p.m. Work is piling up while I'm not working. I mean, not for money. Documents to fill out and send back, photocopies to make, a torn-off button to sew on, a website to check although I've been rejected at the login page for a couple of days.

Had to go out to the dentist whilst all this was pilng up... And it ate up two and a half hours of my precious afternoon time because it was raining and I couldn't ride my bike there. Additionally, the annoying thing is that the weather would stay fine for a while from tomorrow. Great.

In this against wind I'll have to start thinking about Nikkei Shinshun-hai held this weekend. One of the only two 4-year-olds entering this race Yoho Lake is intriguing, though his long blank needs consideration.

The End


1/12  Time to Check Out

6:48 p.m. Button sewn on, photocopies made, documents filled in and sent. Website is still unable to check since it'still rejecting my logging in, but I could try that again tomorrow. Time to check out the info on Nikkei Shinshun-hai.

As well as last year, it will be held at Chukyo shortening the distance a furlong instead of Kyoto 2400m. Last year's result show that it finished in an instantaneous speed contest because the pace was slow. Considering the current track condition of Chukyo, we might have a similar race again.

Taking that into account, I'm rather in for Yoho Lake than Stella Veloce for the moment, unless the track condition becomes soft.

The End


1/13  Stick to Nikkei

6:22 p.m. Come to think of it, Keisei-hai was also going to be held on Nakayama this weekend. Haven't checked this one yet since I haven't finished a thorough review of Shinzan Kinen run in the same distance. Will stick to Nikkei Shinhun-hai for now.

Looks like Chukyo haven't been hit by snow like other places. If the weather holds till weekend, it's likely that Nikkei Shinshun-hai would be an instantaneous speed contest. Though I'd better not forget to check the track condition in case it turned out to be power-consuming.

News has been delivered that Almond Eye has given birth to a colt. Expectation rises for this colt having Almond Eye as his mother and Epiphaneia as his father. Spoiled kid Wagnerian and Snowfall has sadly left for heaven but new lives are being born. Another spring is coming around in a couple of months.

The End


1/14  Instantaneous Speed

6:07 p.m. The barrier draw for Nikkei Shinshun-hai has been released.

Haven't checked the level yet but it seems it's going to be a slow to average pace which means horses with instantaneous speed will have the advantage. Clavel, Stella Veloce, Yoho Lake, Precious Blue or Trust Kenshin could be the targets, though Stella Veloce is rather risky to key since a 2-week intervalafter 3 races last season is more than enough to leave damage.

However, that doesn't automatically mean that Yoho Lake is trustworthy since his position could be critical especially when the pace drops to slow. Both horses have drawn good posts (on the premise that Stella Veloce doesn't have left-over damage) and it's hard to choose from the two. Will have to rely on the score scale again.

The End


1/15  Counting on You

8:09 p.m. Okay, time for calling Nikkei Shinshun-hai.

Have done my homework on the research and decided to key Fly Like Bird since he's been performing highly on Chukyo turf. Not sure if he'd win but the shortening in distance and the rider would give him a boost. I'm counting on you, Yutaka.

On the wheel would be Clavel, Stella Veloce, Yoho Lake and Effect On. Wasn't sure if I should include Meiner Virtus though eventually dismissed the idea.

The End


1/16  Forgive Me

6:22 p.m. Forgive me, I was all wrong. It's my fault keying Fly Like Bird while Yoho Lake had scored the highest on my score scale, just because I lacked confidence in Yoho Lake's position. I promise to follow what my score scale says from now on.

I thought Fly Like Bird would have a follow wind by shortening the distance despite his weak point that he doesn't like to get squashed in the field. I overestimated. When Stella Veloce swept from the outside, the horse flinched and stopped fighting. This explains why he lost big.

As for Yoho Lake, Yuuga has positioned the horse well (not too way behind), making full use of his instantaneous speed. Yashamaru caught me completely off guard. I shall do a thorough review to determine the exact cause for his performance.

The End


1/17  Only Human

7:42 p.m. Have reviewed Nikkei Shinshun-hai and it turns out I wasn't calm and observant enough. If I'd had a cool head, I might have realized I was going in the opposite direction when Fly Like Bird attracted me.

I checked the track condition dutifully and knew I should go for the Deep Impact line yet I turned a blind eye to Yoho Lake and Yashamaru although I included Effect On (I left out Precious Blue and Danon Majesty because they drew outer posts and outer post starters hadn't performed well on Saturday).

Sometimes I think or act illogically and don't notice that until later when I look back. Well, I'm only human. My brains don't work like computers.

The End