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2/01  Be Gentle

7:24 p.m. I'm drained. Viral disease is recurring over and over and I'm not getting any better. My feverish head and the terrible coughs won't let me focus on anything, so please don't blame me if I'm way off the bull's eye. Be gentle on me, please.

Will be agressive and key Wonder Lider though I know Kopano Kicking would probably do well. On the wheel would be Mikki Wild, Kopano Kicking, Wide Pharaoh, and either Kafuji Take or Yoshio for 3rd place.

The End


2/02  Go Against Time

5:05 p.m. Where the hell was Wonder Lider? Way too behind to even reach 3rd place and the rider was bold enough to take the horse on the outside in the last stretch. No wonder he sank in 8th place, though the horse has shown good instantaneous speed. I hate to see a good horse ridden badly.

Still, I'm feeling much better than a week ago. A good, long sleep (although fitful as usual) has done the trick and I'm feeling recovery for the first time in two weeks. Besides, Kopano Kicking has lost in 2nd place just as I'd predicted. He's a great horse but no horse can go against time, you see.

If my recovery stays on its course, I think I can start thinking properly to review Negishi Stakes and also check Sikroad Stakes tomorrow. Relieved.

The End


2/03  More Than Happy

4:14 p.m. Thanks for pushing us up to number one in the ranking again folks! Perhaps there were some of you who won exactas by anchoring Kopano Kicking in 2nd place. If so, I'd be more than happy.

It looked like Negishi Stakes was run in quite a tight lap however, when I look at the officially announced clock the lap was actually average, so it wasn't easy for horses taking their positions in the back. That's why Smart Avalon was 3rd not 2nd, although the 8-year-old has brought out the best lap in the last 3 furlongs.

My Wonder Lider was in almost the same position as Avalon but along the rail. While Smart Avalon swung around the outside on tha last corner to charge up the middle of the homestretch, Wonder Lider stuck to the in at the corner seeking a chance in the course Avalon had made. But Wonder Lider lagged at the corner-work and that became a critical gap.

The End


2/04  Sad Truth

4:52 p.m. Dr. Kopa, the owner of Kopano Kicking has announced today, that Kopano Kicking is not entering February Stakes this year. It seems trainer Murayama and Oisin Murphy had talked some sense into the old man mentioning (assumingly over and over) the distance over 1400m is too long for the horse. The owner reveals a plan to challenge world sprint with Kopano Kicking. But that comes after 2020 is over when the horse turns 6 years old, as this year he wants to win JBC Sprint at Ohi with Nanako Fujita as the rider.

It's not unusual for a race horse to degrade their performances as they grow older. The tendency is more obvious in sprint horses, that's what I've observed in the past decade of my race calling career. And this is why I mentioned "Kopano Kicking will probably perfrom well" in my Negishi Stakes call, and "Kopano Kicking has lost in 2nd place just as I'd predicted. He's a great horse but no horse can go against time, you see," in my Sunday review of the race. I actually meant KopanoKicking will probably perform well but can't win because he will degrade his performance from last year.

I will say here once again to avoid misunderstandings, but Kopano Kicking is a great horse, a good sprinter. However, horses age as we do and their prime is not as long as we think. It's sad truth that horses can't choose their owners just like children can't choose their parents.

The End


2/05  More Interested

2:29 p.m. I've been to check out the entry members for this week's Tokyo Shinbun-hai, but the names on the list turned out to be lukewarm without any of them standing out, at least at first sight. Satono Arthur maybe, depending on the barrier draws and other conditions.

Unsatisfied, I also went to look at Shinzan Kinen and learned that Satono Gold will be running. I don't think he's the type to perform well on Kyoto mile, though. In the end, I decided that I might be more interested in the performance of ol' Sound True racing tonight at Ohi for Kinpai Kyoso. 2600m is possibly too long for this old buddy, but we'll wait and see. Hey, there's my Centurion, too. In the meantime, I could also review Silkroad Stakes.

The End


2/06  Already History

2:24 p.m. The result of Kinpai Kyoso at Ohi tracks was already history by the time we uploaded yesterday's "Murmur." Sorry about that.

Though I was quite impressed that ol' Sound True 10 years old, drew away by 8 lengths. Yes, he was the defending champion, but still it's a spectacle to see a 10-year-old beat all the others. Mickaelle Michel has ridden Centurion agressively to sink in 11th place, but that couldn't be helped I guess, as she doesn't know how to get around on Ohi tracks. I'm sure there's a lot to learn.

I've also checked out the results of Silkroad Stakes as I'd mentioned earlier, and decided that it will become an advantage to take horses out on the outside of the last stretch on current Kyoto turf. Mozu Superflare seemed to be having things her way as well as Seiun Kosei, but they couldn't hang in. That together with the potentials of the top 3 horses, suggests the outside advantage in ths last stretch.

The End


2/07  Coughing Nights Away

1:45 p.m. While I've been coughing my nights away unable to lie down and sleep, the barriers for this weekend's races have been announced.

For Tokyo Shinbun-hai, Red Veyron drew post number 9 while Vin de Garde and Primo Scene drew 2 and 1, respectively. Not sure if this Red Veyron could perform well or not. Rather wish the 4-year-olds, Vin de Garde, Shadow Diva and Kurino Gaudi to show some gumption. Cadence Call I think, needs a bit pepped up.

As for Kisaragi-sho, Al Jannah drew post number 8, Chiberti drew 4 and Gran Rey, 5. I think I'll go for Gran Rey if our training squad gives me a &quo;go."

The End


2/08  Doesn't Sound Good

3:41 p.m. Okay, it's the happy race calling time. Cough, cough.

Training squad doesn't sound good about Gran Rey but I'll key him anyway. Whether he dows well or not is fifty-fifty, so I'm betting on the win side. On the wheel would be Trouville, Gjiberti, and Satono Gold. Can't count on Satono Gold as he seems to resemble his father Gold Ship more than Black Hole, but I believe the horse has got high potential.

Haven't really looked into Tokyo Shinbun-hai as it didn't interest me much though if I were to bet, I'd key Vin de Garde on a wheel of Morphe Orfe, Leyenda, Cadence Call, Red Veyron, and Keiai Nautique. Have a good weekend everyone, I'll focus on recovering.

The End


2/09  Feel Sorry and Guilty

5:01 p.m. Oh god, I'm way off the mark... what have I been looking at?

I was blind enough to let it slip that Kisaragi-sho was a 1800m race in the first place, then I'd totally forgot that horses from lower category could perform well if the pace turned out to be slow, which I'd guessed right as the number of competitors were small and there weren't any horse that wanted to pull the race in a fast lap. How stupid could I have been?

If I'd added the fact that we didn't have rain througout the week so the track would be firm and fast, there weren't any choices but to go for Deep Impact descendants as well as Symboli Chris S descendants. It wasn't so hard to see Orfevere or Gold Ship descendants wouldn't stand a chance in such a condition though I missed it completely. It only points out that I'm not focused... Feel so sorry and guilty to those who came to see my call.

The End


2/10  My Condition Before Others

4:34 p.m. We've entered the 2nd week of February meaning, February Stakes is merely 2 more weeks ahead. And when February Stakes is over, step races for the spring classics will begin and we'd be facing Ohka-sho in a month.

It's still cold today though the temperature seems higher than it usually is around this time of year, while later this week it's predicted to go up as high as 17 or 18 degrees during daytime. The forecast says the cherry blossoms will start blooming around March 21st in Tokyo. Ha! The cherry blossoms would all be gone by the time Ohka-sho runs.

I'd better do something about my own condition before I start thinking of others like track, horses, or barriers. Thankfully, the antiallergic drug my doctor had prescribed me has helped stop my unstoppable coughs that now they come in single shots instead of endless bursts.

The End


2/11  Day-off

5:15 p.m. Thank god it's a holiday today. Hopefully, I can make use of this day-off to recover.

Should also make use of some free time to look into Kyoto Kinen a bit. So I've done some analysis on the past 10 years of results, then went to check out this year's competitors. Since there aren't many, it's likely for the probably most-favored Curren Bouquet d'Or to come within 3rd place. Chrono Genesis has higher potential, but can't rely so much on her as it seems to be her prep race. Not many names strike me as prospective among the seniors, though Dreadnoughtus might have a chance back in Kyoto. The horse performs well on Kyoto tracks.

The End


2/12  Vicious Cycle

4:31 p.m. Throat has swollen up again and am back at the start. I wonder until when I have to suffer though it probably won't last forever.

Meanwhile, Mirco Demurro is regaining his chances in the horse race world. There's been a couple of accidents causing serious injuries in jockies including Tozaki, Miura or Hamanaka, but I assume that isn't the only reason requests are coming back to Mirco again. The problem is that we are lacking skilled jockies in the younger generations.

Riding requests for good horses tend to concentrate on top jockies like Lemaire, Kawada, or Take resulting in less riding chances for younger jockies. Though that didn't happen today, and I think things are more serious that younger jockies like (Takuya) Ohno, (Ryouta) Samejima or (Akihide) Tsumura are not performing as well as they should. Thus, riding requests for good horses gather more to top jockies creating a vicious cycle. Since Miho's top-2 jockies Tozaki and Miura is away from turf now due to injuries as well as Ritto's Hamanaka, it seems natural riding offers for Mirco Demurro is increasing. And so, things get back to the start and goes around like nothing happened, just like my viral cold.

The End


2/13  Filip Minarik

4:36 p.m. Oh yes, there was another jockey belonging to Miho training center who's been met with an accident Masami Matsuoka, the main rider for my Win Bright. Unfortunately, he'd been diagnosed with fracture of femur and needs 6 months to recover. The accident happened last Saturday, and I've been worrying who was going to ride Win Bright instead.

It seems the offer has been made to German jockey Filip Minarik for Nakayama Kinen 2 weeks ahead. He's won the leading jockey in Germany and I'm sure he doesn't need anyone's advice sepecially, not mine. But if I may, I'd like to let him know he's got chances to win with this horse. The horse has got good speed and a lot of fighting spirit, so to control him well Filip, you need to make him run at an averagely tight pace not slow. Do not stay behind to get the horse into an instantaneous speed contest. Win Bright concentrates best in an averagely tight lap (11.8-12.3 per 2 furlongs), also on either soft or firm and fast track. If you treat my Win Bright well to a win Filip, I'll treat you to a karaoke.

The End


2/14  Come-back Race

1:44 p.m. The come-back race for Epoca d'Oro finally seems to be decided. It has been officially announced that 2018 Satsuki-sho winner Epoca d'Oro is aiming Kinko-sho held on March 15th at Chukyo for his come-back race, after the long blank since Osaka-hai last year. Seeing Lucky Lilac win Queen Elizabeth Cup last fall, I haven't given up hope for Epoca d'Oro yet. The horse has got potential, it's up to us human to let it bloom again or not.

In the meantime, the barriers for this weekend's races has also been announced. Curren Bouquet d'Or drew post number 1 while Chrono Genesis drew 7 and Stay Foolish, 5. Dreadnoughtus seems to be the 6th favored in win odds currently, I hope it stays the same unitl Sunday. As for Kyodo Tsushin-hai, My Rhapsody drew post number 8, Figlio Allegro 7, and Darlington Hall 6.

The End


2/15  Straight to the Point

6:23 p.m. Sorry to keep you all waiting, I had to attend my client.

Getting straight to the point, I will key Chrono Genesis for Kyoto Kinen on a wheel of Curren Bouquet d'Or, Stay Foolish and Dreadnoughtus, period. Kyoto is expected to have rain tomorrow, so perhaps there might be a chance for horses like America's Cup or Noble Mars if they go up front. I'm skeptical about Ganko though conditions might advantage him.

Haven't had the time nor energy to look into Kyodo Tsuhin-hai. Think I'll just watch the race on TV.

The End


2/16  Very Disappointing

5:53 p.m. I won, yes, I did.

I knew the payout would be small if both Chrono Genesis and Curren Bouquet d'Or finished within 3rd place. And even though I did include Stay Foolish (the 3rd favored) in my wheel, 400 yen for the payout for trio wasn't what I'd expected. I mean, I'm not buying betting tickets for Ohi races, you know? Disappointing, very disapponting.

Dreadnoughtus, my hope had sunk in 8th place but that couldn't be helped considering the track condition. He performs better on firm, fast tracks so I was hoping the turf would stop at soft. It seemed like the turf was closer to yielding as a matter of fact, so I don't blame Drreadnoghtus for his loss today. Would rather like to say a word or two to Noble Mars for not going up front as ususal. He might have had a chance to beat Stay Foolish if he had.

The End