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I've created a new page on earthquake information. It may not be enough but am doing my best on updates.
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What kind of country is Japan? This site aims to become a guide to Japan and Japanese culture by introducing various information about Japan, from basic information such as its location, climate, transportation, food, language and manners, to whats and whys about the local traditions and customs.

Caterpillar's Murmur

Thanks to VaporRub

(SUN) January 26th, 2020

4:56 p.m. Thanks to VaporRub, my coughs grew less and I was able to sleep last night. Though my temperature seems to be rising. It reached 37 by noon while it didn't go above 36.6 even when I had the type-A flu last year. My average temperature had dropped to somewhere around 35, give or take a few and haven't recovered much no matter what I've doen. My temperature 37 is someone else's 38.

Don't know if VaporRub is to thank for this too, but I won Tokai Stakes. I was a bit worried about the position of Inti concerning Sumahama, but that was unnecessary. Yutaka has held Inti fast in 4th or 5th position from the top to seek for an early spart. That's what makes him a world-class jockey, that's why he's a genius. He comes up with a good strategy that would draw out the best of his horse, and puts it to work like an artist. It doesn't go well all the time, but not many jockeys can go through this process that seems simple, yet hard to practice. Inti wouldn't have come in 3rd today, if it weren't for Yutaka.

The very person who screwed up Inti in Miyako Stakes won AJCC with Blast Onepiece, which I'm not surprised at since he should win against those competitors on Nakayama 2200m on a soft track, the best condition he could wish for. I'd rather like to give all my praise to Stay Foolish and Christophe for a good strategy and putting up a good fight.

The End


Food Catalog

Cream Anmitsu
Cream Anmitsu

Fed up with the heat? Here's a nice cold Japanse-style sweets to cheer you up! Cream Anmitsu is a delux version of Anmitsu, Kanten(Japanese gelatine) jelly and fruits with ice cream topping and Kuromitsu caramel sauce poured over it. And what's great, it's low calorie!


Holidays of January

  • January 1st (WED)
  • New Year's Day
  • January 13th (MON)
  • Coming of Age Day


Watch out for "SAMURAI" Tamesue!

'People' would like to cheer and support someone who is working hard to achieve his or her goal. This time 'People' would focus on Japanese "Samurai" hurdler Dai Tamesue who recently went into a full-fledged training for the Peking Olympics.


airframe seen from side
Manned flight by oxyride dry-cell batteries project

The Tokyo Institute of Technology in cooperation with Panasonic, has led the project 'Manned Flight by Oxyride Dry-cell Battery' into the world's first success. On July 16th this year (2006), they made success in a trial of manned flight using commercially available oxyride batteries, in a project that they had been bringing forward together.