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For Better Understanding, Communication and RelationshipsWhat kind of country is Japan? This site aims to become a guide to Japan and Japanese culture by introducing various information about Japan, from basic information such as its location, climate, transportation, food, language and manners, to whats and whys about the local traditions and customs.

Caterpillar's Murmur

Barrier Table in a While

(FRI) September 29th, 2023

7:06 p.m. It's Friday. It's a G1. Let's upload that barrier draw table in a while.

Post NumberHorse Name
1Namura Clair
2T M Spada
3Pixie Knight
4Naran Huleg
5Win Marvel
6Mama Cocha
7All at Once
8Meikei Yell
10Mad Cool
11Jubilee Head
12Dolce More
13Jasper Krone
14A Shin Spotter
15Kimiwa Queen
16Mozu Meimei

The center of attraction would be if Namura Clair could perform well drawing the inner-most post. Namura Clair has drawn post number 1 in a full-field race twice, both of which she didn't win. On the other hand, T M Spada drawing post number 2 and Jasper Krone drawing post number 13 are both aiming to run away while Mozu Meimei drawing the outmost post number 16 would have to take the lead in order to perform well. It could be a tough pace.

The End


Pick Up

Pocketchange - How to charge your left-over Yen to digital money

If you are ready to leave Japan but have your pocket heavy with leftover Japanese Yen, why not empty your pockets and feel light with Pocketchange?


Holidays of September

    September 18th (MON)
  • Respect for the Aged Day
  • September 23rd (SAT)
  • Autumnal Equinox Day

Food Catalog

Cream Anmitsu
Cream Anmitsu

Fed up with the heat? Here's a nice cold Japanse-style sweets to cheer you up! Cream Anmitsu is a delux version of Anmitsu, Kanten(Japanese gelatine) jelly and fruits with ice cream topping and Kuromitsu caramel sauce poured over it. And what's great, it's low calorie!


airframe seen from side
Manned flight by oxyride dry-cell batteries project

The Tokyo Institute of Technology in cooperation with Panasonic, has led the project 'Manned Flight by Oxyride Dry-cell Battery' into the world's first success. On July 16th this year (2006), they made success in a trial of manned flight using commercially available oxyride batteries, in a project that they had been bringing forward together.