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Caterpillar's Murmur

Already Thinking

(MON) March 27th, 2023

7:06 p.m. Already thinking about Osaka-hai at the end of the week. I need to review Takamatsu-no Miya Kinen, but that's gonna take up a bulk of time I thought it could wait since I've got a lot of things pending.

The weather forecast for Hanshin seems to be cloudy or partly sunny, so it won't be such a wild race as last week, I reckon. Naturally, the center of attraction of this race would be Stars on Earth. Though I see a twinge of risk in her. In spite of her outstanding instantaneous speed, she tends to lag behind at the start resulting in a back position. That could be considered a risk on Hanshin 2000m.

Personally, I think Geraldina would relatively be a better choice depending on the horse's condition. She must have been exhausted after last year's Queen Elizabeth Cup and Arima Kinen.

The End


Pick Up

Pocketchange - How to charge your left-over Yen to digital money

If you are ready to leave Japan but have your pocket heavy with leftover Japanese Yen, why not empty your pockets and feel light with Pocketchange?


Holidays of March

  • March 21st (TUE)
  • Vernal Equinox Day

Food Catalog

Cream Anmitsu
Cream Anmitsu

Fed up with the heat? Here's a nice cold Japanse-style sweets to cheer you up! Cream Anmitsu is a delux version of Anmitsu, Kanten(Japanese gelatine) jelly and fruits with ice cream topping and Kuromitsu caramel sauce poured over it. And what's great, it's low calorie!


airframe seen from side
Manned flight by oxyride dry-cell batteries project

The Tokyo Institute of Technology in cooperation with Panasonic, has led the project 'Manned Flight by Oxyride Dry-cell Battery' into the world's first success. On July 16th this year (2006), they made success in a trial of manned flight using commercially available oxyride batteries, in a project that they had been bringing forward together.