Japanese Food Catalog

Tendon is a kind of Donburimono (Japanese dishes with cooked rice topped with a variety of other dishes, usually served in large deep bowls), with sauce dipped Tempura topped on steamed rice.

Generally, Katsudon comes in deep bowls with sliced onion cooked in salty-sweet soy-sauce based sauce topped on steamed rice, and Tonkatsu(pork cutlet) cut in bite size slices covered with egg on the top layer, with additional condiments such as Mitsuba.

Zarusoba is a kind of cold Soba dish eaten by dipping them in a sauce called Soba-Tsuyu. The smooth and slippery texture of Soba, together with a special firmness called "Koshi" and the perfect harmony created by the flavor of Sobako(literally, buckwheat flour) and Tsuyu(literally liquid type sauce) has been attracting popularity since as far as Edo Period(1606-1868).

Kenchin Jiru is a Japanese home-style dish eaten all over Japan. Generally, it comesin light soup simply seasoned with soy sauce with various kinds of chunky vegetables. In that sense, it could be called a Japanese style barley soup. Piping hot Kenchin Jiru is one of the winter delights that makes you warm inside and out in the coldest of season.

Cream Anmitsu, known as a delux version of Anmitsu, is a Japanese style sweet dish made of small cubes of Kanten(Japanese gelatine) jelly served cold in a bowl, with additional toppings of cut fruits. It has always been a feast enjoyed throughout the nation, especially during the hot and humid summer season to relieve the unpleasantness of heat and stickiness.