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Japanese Food File 2


  • Name :Katsudon
  • Tastes like :salty-sweet soy sauce + pork cutlet + onion + steamed rice
  • Ingredients :pork meat, bread crumbs, egg, flour, oil, onion, condiments, rice, soy-sauce based sauce
  • How it's cooked :slightly cooked in sauce after deep-fried
  • How much it costs :from around 500 yen - around 1200 yen

Katsudon is a Donburi-mono(dish served in deep bowls filled with steamed white rice) topped with Tonkatsu(pork cutlet) and other condiments.

Generally, Katsudon comes in deep bowls with sliced onion cooked in salty-sweet soy-sauce based sauce topped on steamed rice, and Tonkatsu(pork cutlet) cut in bite size slices covered with egg on the top layer with additional condiments such as Mitsuba.

It seems to have become a modern superstition among students taking an entrance exam or athletes trying to win a game, to eat Katsudon before their "big time", since the "Katsu" part of Katsudon is thought to lead to a homonym "katsu", a verb meaning "to win". Personally, I sometimes eat them before I go down to the tracks (horse race).

Katsudon is also a typical food in TV detective dramas, usually offered by a detective to a detainee while being questioned for a case.

There are variations that include Sauce-Katsudon (with Worcestershire sauce), Demi-Katsudon(with demi-glace sauce, often with green peas), Shio-Katsudon(simply with salt), Shoyu-Dare-Katsudon(with unsweetened soy sauce) and Miso-Katsudon(with Miso sauce). Demi-Katsudon and Shio-Katsudon are specialties of Okayama prefecture, while Shoyu-Dare-Katsudon is the local food of Niigata. Miso-Katsudon, (needless to say) is the favorite in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.