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Japanese Food File 1


  • Name : Tendon
  • Tastes like : salty-sweet soy sauce + ingredients + steamed rice
  • Ingredients : vegetables, seafood, wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil, rice, soy sauce based sauce
  • How it's cooked : deep-fried
  • How much it costs : around 600 yen - around 1,500 yen

Tendon is a kind of Donburimono (Japanese dishes with cooked rice topped with a variety of other dishes, usually served in large deep bowls), with sauce dipped Tempura topped on steamed rice.

Tempura said to be first introduced to Japan by the Portugese in 16th century, is a kind of dish similar to the Italian fritto misto. The ingredients come in a wide variety of vegetables or seafood, such as eggplants, sweet potatoes, green peppers, white fish, squid, prawn, etc. These ingredients dipped in a batter of wheat flour and egg mixture, are then deep fried in hot vegetable oil.

Piping hot Tempura dipped in salty-sweet soy sauce based sauce, would be topped on a bowl of steamed rice and served as Tendon, one of the most popular Donburimono.